Things You Should Consider Before Downloading to Your Smartphone

The majority of us rely on our smartphone to do everything from checking the weather to buying products and services online. With the growing number of applications like 9apps download, we decided to provide you with helpful tips and suggestions that should help make you make better decisions when it comes to what applications you allow on your device.

Things to Bear in Mind

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If you are thinking about using a 9apps download or any other new application you should only do so when you have go through this particular checklist just to protect yourself from making the wrong decision that could cost you greatly.  Start by asking yourself why are you downloading the application? Does it provide a feature or service that you want? If you hesitated on how to answer that question then chances are the app is not suitable for you. Even if you have a legitimate desire for what the application does you will need to follow these tips to protect yourself.

How long has the app developer been creating apps for the Android platform?  If they haven’t been around for a long time or do not have many apps available in the market then you should hold off installing their software until the company has reached a critical mass of downloads otherwise you may be wasting your time.  If the developer has been around for a long time and has a critical mass of downloads then you have to find out whether you are required to pay for the app. Since no one does anything for nothing you have to find out how the website is going to make money from your download. What some developers do is bundle additional pieces of software with the same download. By embedding this extra software the app developer can earn some money but that is just one way they can monetize their software, another option is running in ad advertisements but the app developer will need to establish relationships with prospective advertisers so you may be required to watch advertisements about things that simply do not interest you.

While these two ways of monetizing applications is common another way that these software developers earn money is by selling your data to large online advertisers. By keeping abreast of your shopping and buying patterns the advertiser will be able to predict what type of advertisements appeal to you and which do not. Aside from advertising you also have to look at how much data this application will take up. This is pretty important if you have a mobile data plan that limits how much data you ca download before you have to pay extra. If you are not careful you could end up making a costly decision. There are apps for just about anything you can think of so you have to be selective when reviewing them or end up with apps that slow your device down and cost you money.