Why a Party Bus is Better than a Regular Bus

I just came back from a wedding where a party bus took us all to and from the hotel – and I wouldn’t tell the newlyweds this – but the party bus may have just been the highlight of the evening. The entire ride was nonstop partying and laughter. We took the black limousine/bus from HTown Limousine.

I had taken a party bus once before, to prom I believe, and I actually had forgotten how fun they could be. In light of this, and having also just finished up a trip back on Greyhound, I think it is important we take the time to understand why a party bus is much better than a regular bus.  This is important stuff people.

1.    The Music is Much Better

Regular buses don’t have music. If they do, it is often some elevator genre instrumental. A party bus, on the other hand, plays exactly what I want – because they have an Aux hookup for phones – and who better to play exactly what I want than me?

2. The People

HTown Limousine.

Maybe out there somewhere there is a bus full of only the most fun, happy and witty people around. Maybe. More likely, it is full of people who just want to be 9oppleft alone to sit glumly, or smell like soup. A party bus, however, is full of people who want to have fun- and are typically people I choose to associate with and have a good time with. Sometimes they also smell like soup though.

3. The Destination

A typical bus takes you to a bus stop or bus station. Have you ever tried to have fun at a bus station? It is tough to do. A party bus, on the other hand, takes you to a party. Or directly to whatever event you are trying to go to. Much better than a random bus stop.

4. The Service

Party bus drivers are pretty cool dudes/dudettes. They make sure they have all their passengers, make sure everyone is content, and will even wait for you until an even ends. Typical bus drivers may accidentally leave you at a Stop & Go if you take too long in the bathroom – really this happened to me once when I was 19  and I’ve been terrified to use the bathroom on those types of trips ever since.

I think this is pretty clear. A party bus is clearly better than a typical bus. While I don’t expect a Greyhound to be like a ride from HTown Limousine, one can hope (but really the people who smell like soup are killing me).

Maybe when everyone is done debating irrelevant issues like taxes, healthcare and wages in politics maybe they can finally turn their attention to something important – like the implementation of a party atmosphere on all public transportation. Just think party-subways, party-trains. I bet we can even find a way to make that hyper tube Elon Musk is making into a party tube.

First motivations for carrying the best ps4 carrying cases

First things first. Let’s start with you, the reader. Let’s do a quick character profile. It’s going to be hypothetical because, of course, we don’t really know you personally. But in a general sense, you should be able to relate to this character profile. Online or offline, you are just getting into the swing of things. After first discovery, it’s been a few months since that pivotal day when you bought your first Play station console.

You bought a few game cartridges to go with it. That’s because you couldn’t contain your excitement any longer. One game went to another, and now you’re officially hooked. You are now a regular Play station player. Not a day or night goes by when you’re not playing Play station. First it was 3, and now you’re up to 4. It’s only been a few months and you’re making progress. Not only do you enjoy playing games, you’ve actually found a hobby that you’re quite good at. This adds more fuel to your excitement.

And so it goes, and because you’re online a lot of the time, you’re slowly but surely meeting and greeting likeminded players and challengers. You can duel it out with guys from around the world in a remote environment. But sometimes, it’s quite cool and sometimes even more exciting to have someone over or head off to a fellow player’s house for a game or two. And because you’ve become quite accustomed to your own personal joystick and quite attached to your console, you’re finding that you don’t want to leave home without it.

And that’s where this character profile winds down and the rest of this story gets quite interesting. So far, it has served as your first motivations to consider carrying one of the best ps4 carrying cases available for purchase online. The rule of the game here is to never leave home without it. Just ask any of those more experienced guys out there who have been lugging their consoles from house to house, in buses, trains, automobiles and even planes, and they’ll tell you a sad tale or two on just how quick and easy their treasured goods got chipped, scratched and even broke.

best ps4 carrying cases

It’s always a costly exercise to replace or repair damaged goods. First timer, don’t let this happen to you. Don’t squeeze your Play station and game cassettes into a shopping bag, brief case or rucksack. Those coveralls won’t protect your PS4, but your new customized PS4 bag will. Bag designers have taken into account all specifications. They’ve made their accurate measurements. So, from now on there’ll be no squeezing and sneezing, yes, that too.

The customized PS4 bag allows you to slip your console and related accoutrements in with relative ease. Padded cushioning allows your treasured goods to be perfectly sheltered from any knocks and accidental spillages. Carrying is made lighter work when you have a neat strap to comfortably slip over your shoulder.