When you take care of your dog’s welfare, you take care of yourself

If it weren’t for the fact that you did not have a pet dog, you might be slightly on the miserable side. Because that’s what pet dogs do. They cheer you up. After you have had a hard day at work, don’t you notice just how glad you are to be at home after meeting your dog in the driveway or yard? Don’t let your dog roam in the driveway that could be dangerous. Your dog could run loose in the road and get knocked over by a passing car.

Rather keep your dog safely secured in the yard. But because you are away at work all day, do leave the poor chap with things to do, no matter its age. Dogs love company, fellow canines and humans. Perhaps that’s not a bad idea either. Why not have two dogs in the yard. Two is company, but where dogs and humans are concerned, three is never a crowd. While you are away at work, make sure that they have enough water in their bowls and dry biscuits to nibble on in case they get hungry.

Because hungry they will get. Just make sure that you’ve checked with your vet on the right brand or formula to feed your dogs. A regular checkup with the vet will also help him determine what’s right and healthy for the dog. And what’s right and healthy for the dog, is right and healthy for you two. It is sad to notice that so many folks are still neglecting their dogs in this way. Because one of the healthiest things that dogs love is their daily or twice daily walk.

And what’s nice about this is that it’s good for you too.